Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm back.

Hey, peeps.

I've been busy with many things, including some worrisome health problems like viral pericarditis, fluid buildup around my heart that winds up meaning, but now I have a new work-toy, the iPod Touch upon which I type this, which I bought not only for fun but to help me with my work with an organization to which I belong.

I am now adding to my religious knowledge a deep study of Islam. It began I thought as a search to expand my knowledge, understanding and usefulness and remains that, yet now because of factors I cannot ignore, ash hadu an la ilaha illallahu wa ash hadu anna Muhammad rasulullah.

Please expect me to continue to philosophize and speculate, for I am not an irrational religious zealot. Nor do I understand *true* Islam to expect blind faith from its adherents. Islam is in fact big on evidence and thinking however cultures around it may appear to many eyes. Islam may have many false adherents, though I would not presume to judge another's heart without being there.

I will enjoy Christmas from a different perspective this year, yet with profound reverence as usual, and prayers and other behavior for peace and harmony in the world.

I will post here much more often than in the last couple of years, insha'Allah, which is to say God willing.

Peace be with you all.


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