Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A reflection

Assalamu alaykum peeps.

When I noted that I felt I am on a divine mission, spreading the word "han," I did not mean it in any superior or exclusive sense. I deeply believe we are all, our whole life long, on a divine mission, a long and complex one, without exception. Spreading the word "han" is one distinct aspect of my divinely given purpose, integrally of the whole of my life, which has proven itself so in many details of my life I don't think I need to get into in this blog lest I strain too many eyebrows with the degree of synchronicity involved -- evidence that solidifies in my mind the idea that infinite intelligence permeates, guides/Gods (as a verb) the whole of phenomenon, especially allowing the inherent order as of that Intelligence.

Again, I don't mention the synchronicity in my life to make myself seem special -- rather the opposite, for I think it evidence that this absolute precise unique order is universal and applies just as distinctly to any of you as it does to me, in fact uniquely so in each case. The evidence for your divine mission complex is to be found uniquely for you in plain sight / experience. I cannot believe the Divine intends to hide our purpose from us, unless it be only to unveil it gradually.

Salaam (but not salami, I'm an ardent vegetarian:),


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