Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marriage Equality


I'm doing something next week the like of which I haven't had the guts to do before. I'm volunteering in the cause of the vote for marriage equality coming up this election, even though it's only for a brief period of time on one day (my life has problems which would make anything more difficult).

If I had had the chance there are a brilliant few guys in my life with whom I would have happily been married (had they been interested ...), one outshining them all. Yes, outshining even himself quite frequently. If I had had a taker, why should we not be wed?

In my youth, doing healing work with my Granny, Dora Kunz, I got to know dozens of AIDS patients, most of them homosexual men and often in long term committed relationships with their boyfriends, who were often there with them as helpers or fellow patients. That period of my life cemented in my mind the vital necessity of marriage equality, not only as a basic human and humane right but also as a strong force in checking the spread of HIV.

So please vote for marriage equality if you vote in my area and work for it wherever else you may live, dear reader.


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