Wednesday, March 08, 2006

hey, peeps. long time no post, i know, but here i am.

it's been a difficult while, for various reasons, but my sister is having a baby, which certainly gives me a sense of purpose!, and i just got my new computer, a macbook pro 2ghz all decked out with doohickeys like extra ram and a faster hard drive, so i have stuff to be happy about. also, my sister and her husband are moving in next door in a new house they're building, which is going to be fantabulous.

i'll try to post more often and make this a more substantial blog.

here's a joke my friend eddie told me today. he's a truly great jokester.

you see, there's this church, and they have an opening for the post of bell-ringer, and one day a man comes to the church to apply for the job. the thing of it is though, that the man has no arms. so, the priest in charge asks him, "but, how do you expect to ring the bell without arms? you have to be able to hold on to the cord to ring the bell!" "i'll show you," says the man with no arms, so they go up the bell tower. the man takes a few steps back, makes a running start and hurls himself at the bell, slamming his forehead against the rim of the bell and plunging down the hole in the floor to go splat on the street down below. it was all very terrible. what's worse is that, some weeks later, again a man with no arms came to apply for the post of bell-ringer, and when the priest asked him how he could possibly ring the bell he showed him by doing exactly the same thing, flinging his head against the bell and plunging to the street. the priest's assistant said to the priest, "this is terrible! do you have any idea who that man is?" "no," said the priest, "but he has a face that rings a bell."

yep, it's one of the sillier jokes going, which is part of its charm of course. one can only clap. (pardon the bell humor there. it's hanging by a thread.)