Thursday, March 03, 2005

hey, peeps. this free verse is in response to Hafiz's poem "Your Camel is Loaded to Sing"...

"Remember That Camel?"

Sweet Hafz, Mashuq,
you remember the camel
loaded to sing?
When good poetry lets
the Golden Falcon out,
good poetry can also
give Horus the
sweet victory
we long for,
and Amen.

- David J. Kunz, January 2005

hey, peeps.

i have started to write poetry in direct response to specific poems of Hafiz, and here is my first effort along those lines. this is in response to Hafiz's poem "A Forest Herb."

"What a Forest Herb Will Win"

Hafiz will wear
All the common garb of the tongue
if it will win him my friendship.
I give you my friendship, sweet Hafiz.

Hafiz will turn himself into a

I Will
Apply Hafiz to my
I apply Hafiz
to my wounds,
and Hafiz is like
a witch's flying ontment,
making my heart soar
to the Beloved, to the Friend,
and come back with love
freshly kindled
and burning anew.

- David J. Kunz, January 2005

hey, peeps. here's some more attempt at poetry. i've recently gotten into the poetry of Hafiz, a 14th century Sufi master and poet, who write in his poetry as a friend to us. i've taken that as an invitation, and write back to Hafiz as a friend in return. i love this poetic form. here is i think my first attempt in this line.


Heather blooms in wintertime
within our garden bright,
and so does David's love anew
with Hafiz\s poems in sight.

Hafiz, let David be friend to you,
as you are friend to us,
and write you poems fresh and new
of Love, divine, august.

- David J. Kunz, January 2005

hey, peeps, another versish effort for you.

"As If Pluralish"

Maybe we should live
as *if* the Self is One
and Plural*ish*
in number,
for deepest Love
and Compassion
and purest truest Kindness indeed!
and in very deed indeed, indeed.

- David J. Kunz, 3/01/05

hey, peeps. i wrote this free verse day before yesterday in response to a vision which impressed itself upon my mind. for whatever it's worth, here it is...

"Happy Ness"

I saw Happy Ness today,
a-merrily chomping back in
happy dinosaur days,
remarkably savvy
for a dinosaur,
maybe even optimistic,
deep down
in his heart of hearts.
It was hard to tell,
but I tink so.
Now, don't get me wrong,
Happy Ness isnt
identical to happiness,
which isn\t a dinosaur
like Happ Ness apparently was,
in this pink and green junglic
vision of mine.
Now, Happy Ness was cheerful,
there's no doubt about it.
And why wouldn't he be?
He had a brain about the size
of a large walnut,
built to please him.
Happy Ness was cheerful,
all right.

- David J. Kunz, 3/01/05

hey, peeps, another poem, a companion piece to "A Good Poem"...

"A Good Jewel"

A good jewel
is a poem,
brigt enough
to hold comfortably
in view
and mull over
whenever one likes.

- David J. Kunz

hey, peeps, another poem.

"A Good Poem"

A good poem
is a jewel,
big enough
to hold comfortably
in hand
and rub
whenever one likes.

- David J. Kunz

hey, peeps, another free verse.


"Why is there privacy?"
some voices ask me,
and what may I say?,
their fears to allay,
but gently to say
it's for work and for play.
If pressed harder, all that
I'll ever say more
is, the bees need ther bees
where the flowers bloom, them for.

- David J. Kunz

hey, peeps. another poem.


I think, if I were a pawn in chess,
advanced to the end of the board,
a rose red king I'd choose to become
in addition to white and black lord,
and teach them love amidst the madness
of attacking and defeating,
while on the board I, mere third king,
do nothing but retreating.

- David J. Kunz

hey, peeps. here's another poem for you.

"Love Poem"

This poem says, "I love you!"
and I force you to memorize it.

- David J. Kunz

or, "Love Poem, Mark II"

This poem says, "I love you!"
and I force you to memorize it,
signed, [David].

- David J. Kunz

and, in actual practice, you can "write" your own version inserting your own name in place of mine when you use it with someone you love.

I hereby confess that I was inordinately proud of myself for a little while after I composed "Love Poem" and again but less so after "Love Poem Mark II". Poets get that way sometimes, I would imagine. I guess we're entitled, just a little bit. :}

More later...

hey, peeps. my computer has been down for a while, so i haven't been posting. and my father died a few weeks ago, which was rather traumatic for me, too. and yet i'm hanging in there. here's a free verse poem i just wrote a few moments ago, expressing an ideal for healing for us humans and so forth...

It looks to me
as if
many a human body
has taken suffering
as a sign of deliberate maltreatment
when it wasn't that at all
but someone's body's attempt
to feel better
quite instead,
with no malice nvolved
It might spare the world
some potential violence
if people had
a basic recognition
of that.
And spared the violence
we could find the modes of healing
that would bring us
at least some true peace,
if not even better!

[end of verse]

I am going through a period of change in my life, dear reader dear friend, and dedicating my life with greater fervour than before to the service of others. I have dreamed since I was a little boy of being a healer, and a healer I will be. I am making a deep study of the Bach flower remedies, which my great uncle Harry used to use and prescribe often, and am getting fascinating results with them now. I am starting to make my own flower remedies too, starting with the Christmas Rose, a flower remedy Uncle Harry discovered and which is a remedy for cases of chemical addiction and perhaps the addictive personality in general I am wondering. I have also made the Heather remedy from Heather blooming here at home and am experimenting with another flower which I feel would possibly be useful as a remedy, and am about to make another flower remedy yet, tomorrow morning, which I tested for usefulness by a method which Dr. Bach used himself and got a positively good result indicating the flower should make a useful remedy -- placing one petal of a flower of this plant in my mouth and activating my intuition, immediately I felt better in certain areas of my body, notably my abdomen and digestive tract in particular it seemed. I'm looking forward to extensive work with the Bach flower remedies and other flower remedies, and perhaps gem remedies as well.

More later... tata for the moment.