Sunday, April 09, 2006

hey, peeps.

i was just listening to U2's "Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World" and it reminded me of a time, years ago, on a camp on Orcas Island that my grandparents started and that i've been going to since i was two, a Theosophical camp called Indralaya, when i had a real mystical experience.

i had tried to unify my mind with the whole world, to cast forth my mind around the whole world, and somehow, somewhere in my brain a connection was made and i *made* it. i could feel the enormous oblate spheroid of the Earth beneath me and the teeming life upon it, especially the billions of human beings but by far not exclusively the humans as somehow *inside* me. it was gorgeous. and then i knew that life is good, that life is truly loveable and should be fostered and encouraged. it was a huge experience for me at the time, and i'm glad to be reminded of it.

of course, i'm a certified nutcase, on psychiatric medication for things like depression and restless leg syndrome and whatnot, so you don't have to take anything i say overly seriously, but on the other hand i do have a high degree of basic intelligence, having scored between 141 and 159 on i.q. tests at various points, and a degree in mathematics, no less, from Harvard, no less. so i'm not *completely* unrespectable. i don't say this to brag, but to establish "credentials" as it were, so you don't dismiss me as the average random stupid nutcase, which i don't say to insult anyone (i've got a Libra ascendant and am *way* too understanding to want to insult anyone) but to point out that a lot of things that some people say are kind of out there in nonsense territory. not that i'm the perfect judge of what's what, of course. i'm not claiming to be that, really. anyway, i'm more like the farout spiritual intelligent nutcase with a few good ideas once in a while, like this unit zero thing, which just intuitively *has* to have something to it.

i'm a pretty big little U2 fan. a few months ago i bought "The Complete U2" on iTunes and sometimes spend the couple of days or so it takes to play through it listening to it in the background while i do whatever. "The Complete U2" is really a great collection, with presumably all of their formal releases including albums, singles, soundtrack pieces and some of their live recordings too.

anyway, l8r.

Friday, April 07, 2006

hey, peeps.

let me reiterate and put it simply. zero, the unit zero which zero is, zero, is something from nothing. therefore there *has* to be a universe. so we can all relax -- we really exist, with zero as our extremely solid foundation. i haven't yet figured out how our particular universe evolves from the unit zero, but if i figure it out i just might let you know. but it kind of has to.

except, it occurs to me that as soon as you have the unit zero, which is also the primal number ONE, and then bear in mind that every unit one is unique in the all of existents, then you realize that automatically an infinite number of units ONE spring up from the primal unit zero, each unique, yet each harmoniously fitting in with the primal unit zero as the basic root or essence. that has to get us somewhere. there are an infinite number of ones, each unique and each a sort of picture of the primal unit zero.

so, if you can sort of "capture," or anyway view, one of these ones, and follow its course through time, you would learn something about the primal unit zero. i suspect that the particles which mysteriously appear in a vacuum are ones from the primal unit zero appearing.

Theosophical writing says that Fohat digs holes in space. could that be another viewpoint of the appearance of these virtual particles? Fohat is a Tibetan term for a certain special kind of force.

all of it would have to be connected in an interflowing way, i think.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

hey, peeps.

i wonder if the upshot of some of that is that any experience is possible that can die. that is to say, that any experience is possible that can be subtracted from itself to make zero, in a zero equals zero equation of sorts, with zero perhaps in fullness at the alleged beginning, the unitness of zero in the middle, and the emptiness of zero at the alleged end.

now *that* got me thinking. perhaps those are the three veils of zero -- the fullness of zero, the unitness of zero and the emptiness of zero.

any kabbalists care to comment? i have only a mere smattering of knowledge of the kabbala.


hey, peeps. read the last two posts here for context for this one.

is this what the kabbalists were talking about with the zeroes before the one of the crown? i wouldn't be at all surprised. but what of the three veils? do they simply relate to the formation of the three dimensions we think we perceive of space? do they simply refer to worlds subtler than this one that appear before this one does? that wouldn't surprise me. this is a moderately complex world we live in, and to think that there might have been simpler worlds springing "first" from zero is not an astonishing thought, though i personally believe that time is actually practically speaking beginningless.


hey, peeps. read the immediately previous post here before you read this one. or it won't make total sense perhaps.

you see, once you have the positive existence of something, from nothing (zero) *itself*, which you *do* get, from zero itself, by the very fact of its positive existence, you *have* positive existence from nothing, and everything can *be* positively. you see?

well, look. look at an equation. any equation. any valid equation. and we all know there are valid equations that have their own sort of positive existence. any of them can be reduced to a zero equals zero equation by subtracting the right hand side of the equation from both sides of the equation. every equation therefore includes within it the positive existence of zero, equaling itself, declaring its existence, as it were, under the veil of earthly things. it's really quite mystical, when you see it right.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hey, peeps.

okay, here's a biggie. it occurs to me that here is the root of all matter/energy. it has to do with number.

look at zero. (heh.) one can talk about the zero elephants in my living room, or the zero dollars i think i have in my wallet just at the moment, but all those zeroes are the same. all zeroes are equal. zero equals zero, no matter what the zero is *of* (or, mathematically speaking, multiplied by). all zeroes are *One*. in effect, there is only ONE zero in all the universe. zero exists, certainly. and zero is identically ONE. you could never tell me that here is one zero and there is another zero. those allegedly plural zeroes would be so identical they'd be in the same place identically. there would be *nothing* to distinguish them from one another. zero *is*, and zero is *ONE*. and *that*, i believe, is the ultimate root or foundation of all matter/energy/experience, the prima materia -- the positive existence of the unit zero.

l8r, my readers my friends.