Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hey, peeps.

long time no type.

i just had so great a birthday weekend that i think it's time to try out offering you a new pronoun again.

that pronoun, personal and gender-neutral, is "han."  it is borrowed from the finnish language, without borrowing the two dots over the "a" in it.  it rhymes with "pan."

the english language really could use a gender-neutral personal pronoun, to avoid the presumptively sexist gender-neutral "he" usage and awkward usages such as "he or she" and their equivalent, not to mention that awful "they" and "their" singular.

"han" would fit right in with english, being short, monosyllabic, beginning with "h" like the other, gender-specific, personal pronouns...  it's a natural!

the only question would be whether to make the possessive form "hans" or "han's," and i suggest the latter at first at least until we get used to the new pronoun.

this is a pronoun whose time  has come, i believe.

i'll talk about my birthday weekend next time, probably.